What We Do: Highlights from 2012 - 2013


The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality (CJHS)
SIECCAN publishes The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, the only scholarly scientific journal focused on Canadian research on sexuality and sexual/reproductive health.Beginning with volume 22 (1) 2013 of CJHS, University of Toronto Press (UTP) will handle production, distribution, and membership/subscription payment. Online full text of the journal will be available on the UTP website. SIECCAN will retain full editorial control while gaining services and technical support for manuscript submission, review, editing and typesetting. Members can now renew or join online and can choose membership options that include electronic access to CJHS with or without hard copy. Our collaboration with UTP will result in an enhanced status and profile for CJHS while also directly benefitting the SIECCAN membership.

SIECCAN Report on Teen Pregnancy Rate Trends in Canada
CJHS 21(3/4) 2013 included SIECCAN’s report on “Trends in Canadian national and provincial teen pregnancy rates: 2001-2010”. Currently, SIECCAN is the only source of up-to-date national data on this important indicator of young women’s sexual and reproductive health. We were pleased to acknowledge the joint financial support for this special project provided by the Trojan Sexual Health Division, Church and Dwight Canada and the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (through the Foundation for the Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health).

The Trojan/SIECCAN Sexual Health Study
In partnership with the Trojan Sexual Health Division of Church and Dwight Canada, SIECCAN developed the survey instrument used in a study of the sexual health knowledge, behaviours, and sources of information and services of a representative sample of 1500 university students. A session on the contraception-related findings will be presented at the Guelph Sexuality Conference in June and the first of a series of articles from the study will be submitted to The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality this summer.

Publication of SIECCAN/ Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) National Study of Physician Training in Sexual Health/STI
SIECCAN was contracted by PHAC to design and carry out a collaborative study of the STI and sexual health training provided in all Canadian university programs in Family Medicine residency, Obstetrics and Gynaecology residency, and Undergraduate Medicine. An article specifically on the sexual health component of that study was published in CJHS 21(2) 2012. A poster on the STI findings was presented by PHAC at the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington DC (AIDS 2012).

SIECCAN/PHAC Collaborative Study of STI Training in Four Additional Canadian Medical School Residency Program Areas
On behalf of PHAC, SIECCAN replicated the STI component of the physician training study above on all Canadian residency programs in Emergency Medicine, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

Check the Research (CTR) at Sexualityandu.ca
Check the Research, SIECCAN’s monthly feature on the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada’s (SOGC) award winning sexualityandu.ca website, is now five articles into its fourth year. Visitors to the site have access to the 40 PDFs to date covering a broad range of sexual health topics. The Check the Research PDF’s are designed as educational materials for adolescents and young adults or for health professionals who want to keep up to speed on key research topics on sexuality. SIECCAN thanks our colleagues at SOGC and the Foundation for the Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health (FPSRF) for their support of CTR and for a long collaboration on site development. To see all 40 PDFs visit: http://www.sexualityandu.ca/check-the-research

SIECCAN Provides Consultation to OPHEA on Sexual Health Education in the Schools
The Ontario Physical and Health Educators Association (OPHEA) consulted with SIECCAN to develop a survey of Ontario parents opinions related to sexual health education in the schools and to create a statement of principles document to focus discussion of the Ontario health and physical education curriculum. The survey showed strong support among Ontario parents for the provision of sexual health education in the schools. Using these and other materials, a press conference was held at Queen’s Park on June 2nd to urge the Ontario government to move forward with implementation of an up-to-date health curriculum.

Chlamydia Education and Prevention Materials
SIECCAN is in the early phases of a project to develop Chlamydia education and prevention materials designed for educators and other non-clinical health promoters who require guidance and curricular/educational materials for use with youth and young adult populations.

Sexual Health Education in the Schools: Questions and Answers: SIECCAN produces and regularly updates this comprehensive, research-based resource document that provides clearly written research-based answers to common questions that parents, educators, public health professionals, and administrators often have about the rationale for, and impact of sexual health education in the schools. This document has been widely utilized by public health units and school boards across Canada. Due to high demand, the Sexual Health Education in the Schools Q&A has been revised, updated, and reprinted twice (most recently in 2010) since its original publication. SIECCAN makes this document available on its website (www.sieccan.org) and print copies are made available through CATIE: Canada’s Source For HIV and Hepatitis C Information.To order free print copies visit: http://www.catie.ca/en/resources/sexual-health-education-schools-questions-answers-3rd-edition

SIECCAN Consultation Services: SIECCAN continues to provideconsultation services toa wide range of public health units, health centres, educators, community groups, researchers, and many others seeking to promote the sexual and reproductive health of Canadians.