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SIECCAN expresses its support of, and solidarity with, the movement to end Canada’s system of anti-Black racism. We recognize that systemic racism, historically and currently, has a profoundly damaging impact on the sexual health and well-being of Black people in Canada.  

SIECCAN pledges to develop and adopt a framework for incorporating racial justice into our work in order to strengthen our efforts to support the development and implementation of sexual health education programs that meaningfully contribute to racial justice and address the intersecting ways that people experience discrimination and marginalization (e.g., oppression based on race, class, gender, sexual orientation, [dis]ability). This framework, and the concrete actions associated with it, will be developed in consultation and partnership with Black community members and scholars. 

This commitment is in line with SIECCAN’s Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education. Comprehensive sexual health education should address the social, historical, and systemic factors that contribute to disparities in sexual health. Effective sexual health education involves developing meaningful community partnerships and ensuring that community members have leadership roles in the development of programs. All Black people in Canada have a right to access sexual health education programs that acknowledge the historical and social contexts that shape their sexual health education needs, reflect their experiences, and balance the prevention of negative sexual health outcomes with the enhancement of sexual health and well-being. 

Anti-Racism Statement

SIECCAN’s Statement of Support of Efforts to End Canada’s System of Anti-Black Racism and Commitment to Anti-Racism and Racial Justice in Sexual Health Education


SIECCAN's Statement on Anti-Racism

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