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Showcasing Canadian research

Check out special issues of the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality that feature research presented at previous Canadian Sex Research Forum meetings.

SIECCAN and CSRF's Partnership

SIECCAN and CSRF have a long history of partnership. 

For many years, SIECCAN has sponsored student awards given to strong CSRF presentations. Currently, SIECCAN sponsors two separate student awards that are awarded to student presentations each year, the Best Student Oral Presentation Award and the Best Student Data Blitz Presentation Award.  

The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality (CJHS) produces a special volume of the journal each year dedicated to highlighting the rich sexuality research presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Sex Research Forum.

SIECCAN regularly presents research at the annual CSRF conference. See below for examples of previous research projects presented at CSRF.

Reported Coverage of
Gender-Based Violence Prevention Concepts in Sexual Health Education in
Secondary School:
A National Survey of
University Students in Canada

Attitudes Towards Sexual Health Education in Schools: A National Survey of Parents in Canada
HPV Vaccination
Among Young Adults:
A National Survey of
University Students in Canada
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